custom-made development of energy storage devices for the basis of lithium-ion, lead acid and alkaline batteries
Our services
from selection to production
  • Selection of solutions for the problem
    We analyze the chosen solution or make a selection of solutions from scratch. We approach the problem in many ways and take into account both the technical factors affecting the quality of the element and the business model in which the product will be implemented.
  • Search among 30,000 items
    We use a global database of elements and energy sources to find the best energy solution for your development or production.
  • The testing items
    We test the selected battery by a variety of parameters. For example, the operating capacitance at different discharge currents, resource, temperature and other tests.
  • Assembly of the module under the order
    We make modules from any formats of batteries by spot welding or soldering.
  • Individual development
    We offer the development of an element for your unique parameters in the form of a ring, diamond or pyramid. If necessary, we will connect our partners from Europe.
  • Serial production
    Familiar with large manufacturing companies around the world and ready to load their capacity with your tasks.
We are ready to pick up the item you need from 30,000 options and deliver it from anywhere in the world
Soon we start different types of flexion and resource testing batteries for iPHONE 6S of different manufacturers.

Battery management system/BMS

On request
Delivery from more than 1000 BMS of various producers or development under the order. Now you can choose BMS for battery management:
- voltage up to 80 volts (up to 20S);
- charge balancing current up to 50 amp;
- discharge operating current up to 200 amp;
- reload and deep discharge control;
- remote temperature sensor, etc.
Why we?
We can't fail just because it's not our style.
We are working on this market for over 10 years.
We are always open to dialogue and interaction.
Our equipment
In our laboratory we have all the necessary equipment for:

- testing of batteries for life, capacity and temperature tests;

- assembling modules from elements by spot welding;

- testing of ready-made modules;

- components for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries under the order (cathodes, anodes, etc.)

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